Corporate yoga classes

Thinking of offering yoga classes in your office? I offer several possibilities depending on what you’re looking for:

Short online yoga breaks

The short online yoga breaks are specifically designed with office workers in mind:

  • Teaching and reinforcing breathing patterns
  • Strengthening the posterior chain
  • Creating space in the front body
  • Activating the core to stabilize the spine
  • Restoring body & mind awareness
  • Offering tools to approach the day refreshed and renewed

Bring wellness to your employees with these short desk-based practices.

Regular weekly / fortnightly / monthly classes

One hour long yoga classes tailored to the necessities of your employees, depending on what kind of job they have and what the demands of their daily tasks are.

After a consultation to discuss who will take part on the classes, and which points they want addressed both physically and mentally, a class plan is set up to help the participants gain the tools to reach their goals

One-off class / Team buildings

Planning a special event? Want to bring some gentle movement into your team building? Or is there a company-wide Health and Wellness week in the future? A special one-off yoga class is the ideal way to introduce your employees to the physical and mental benefits of yoga, as well as gauge their interest in more regular offerings.